They Don't Need A Tail To Find Birds !

Welcome to Majorline Gundogs

Welcome to Majorline Gundogs. I first became familiar with Brittanys in 2000, when I purchased my first Brittany pup. Through a co-worker of mine at the time, I was made aware of a gentlemen with a litter of Brittanys. I called on a Tuesday and spoke with him inquiring about male puppies. He told me that he only had one male puppy left and that most people had passed on him because of his color, but he told me he would make a good deal on him for that reason if I wanted him. Well not really wanting the scrub of the litter, I reluctantly told him I would drive down the following weekend to look at this surely "undesirable" of puppies and thought to myself, "well if he isn't just butt-ugly and the price is right, maybe I can live with his looks". Little did I know the role fate would play in bringing me together with what became not only an exceptional Brittany, but an extraordinary bird dog, pet and hunting companion. We called him "Major".

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